Support jailed Iranian-American journalist

Send a birthday message to Roxana Saberi


Roxana Saberi will spend her 32nd birthday in prison in Iran. The journalist, who was born in the USA but has lived in Iran for the past six years, was sentenced to eight years in prison this month after being convicted as a spy.

Amnesty International believes she is a prisoner of conscience and has called for her immediate and unconditional release. Her father, Reza, said his daughter was tricked into making a confession after being told by investigators she would be set free if she co-operated.

She was arrested on 31 January and was initially accused of the less serious offence of buying alcohol. On 18 April, she was convicted of “espionage” after a closed trial.
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Roxana Saberi’s arrest, trial and heavy sentence suggest that she is held as a pawn to to the ongoing political developments between Iran and the USA.


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