Face to face with Ranabi

Rafiqun Nabi
Rafiqun Nabi

Rafiqun Nabi — aka Ranabi, one of the leading artists of the country, practices experimental realism in his own distinctive style. He has combined the main motifs of the subcontinent with his unique lines. Romanticism and impressionism are mingled in his presentations in various media such as watercolours, acrylic and woodcut. In his predominantly figurative works, what he usually does, he has devoted himself simultaneously to using lines and colours in observing the material world.

Nature always provides ‘sequels’ (transition over a period) of changing colours. In the backdrop of vibrant nature; interrelationship between human beings, animals and birds is a major characteristics of Nabi’s canvases. He seizes the rhythmic expressions of the flora and fauna of a transitory moment with the vibrant use of watercolours.

Apart from the eternal drama of nature, contemporary events are also portrayed in Nabi’s works. His popular cartoon-character Tokai functions as a spectator of the disorders of the society. Through Tokai, he satires the contemporary politics and follies.

On his style Rafiqun Nabi says the Star Online that as drawing is his strength his canvases are figurative and it is the subject of the canvas that leads him to select the colour as well as composition. And he has no fascination for any particular colour.

The Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Dhaka University Professor Rafiqun Nabi evaluates that art in Bangladesh has significant development during the last few years.

For his wonderful contribution, Nabi has won acclaims. He is the winner of several prestigious awards including Ekushey Padak (1993), Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Award (1989) and Promoters Prize Inter Graphic-80, Berlin, Germany.


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