Drafters of the Labour magazine / magazine for all (1927-1970)

Through the exhibition of Newspaper Characters’ House of Christmas decorations, we want to present the magazine with a focus on the magazine’s cartoonists exhibited through magazines and original illustrations. Particular emphasis is placed on the inter-war years when the magazine had its most exciting period of large circulation and high quality. For art and culture enthusiasts, a […]

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Endelig kan jeg tegne det jeg vil

DRØBAK: Arifur Rahman satt bak lås og slå i seks måneder etter å ha tegnet en kattunge med navnet Mohammed. Nå stiller han ut sine arbeider i Avistegnernes Hus. Lørdag åpnet utstillingen «Soul Art» i Avistegnernes Hus i Drøbak. 13 kunstnere stiller med arbeider på lerret, papir, samt installasjoner med en målsetting om å vise […]

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Face to face with Ranabi

Rafiqun Nabi — aka Ranabi, one of the leading artists of the country, practices experimental realism in his own distinctive style. He has combined the main motifs of the subcontinent with his unique lines. Romanticism and impressionism are mingled in his presentations in various media such as watercolours, acrylic and woodcut. In his predominantly figurative […]

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Those Medieval Monks Could Draw

When you think of medieval art, drawing may not spring instantly to mind. Medieval ivories and enamels? Definitely. Medieval sculpture, metalwork and stained glass? Sure. Of course medieval artists — many of whom were anonymous monks working as scribes in scriptoria — drew. All those manuscript illuminations had to start somewhere. But did they actually […]

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